Hi I’m Joanie (Joan Koeppel). I’ve been doing Paper Crafting most of my life and have shared many of my Tips, Ideas & Techniques on my Blog ~ Joans Craft World.
One day my nephew Ryan told me about the Art of Zentangle and I became very interested in it. Soon after I went and took an all day class on how to draw in this fashion. I quickly caught on and now I love to draw these various designs that come popping out of my head.
Please Enjoy!


When friends of ours came over and fell in love with my drawings, My husband Paul thought it  would be best to share my Tangle Art with others and decided to put some of them on various products using POD (print on demad) partners. These are now the items you can find on this website.


p.s. If for any reason you're uncomfortable making a purchase here on my secure safe shopping site, you can also find my products on Amazon. Please keep in mind that my prices are a little higher over there since they charge me extra fees to sell on their site 9so you're better off buying right here on ZenJoanie.com)